• Community Outreach Worker

    North Suffolk Mental Health Assoc.
    Job Description

    The Outreach Worker provides intensive case management services to adults and children with mental health and substance abuse issues who are considered to be at risk in the community. Services may include coordination of treatment, outreach and advocacy, assistance with basic needs, skill building and facilitating linkage to other community based and natural support systems.


    • Establish and maintain relationships with client, providing contact and support.
    • Act as liaison between service providers, community and the client and provides comprehensive initial assessment of need areas for all clients referred.
    • Conducts risk assessment with each client and formulates a crisis plan.
    • Assists individuals in scheduling and attending medical appointments as well as accessing outpatient mental health treatment.
    • Assists individuals with official correspondence pertaining to insurance eligibility, social security and other entitlement programs
    • Help the client identify and access appropriate resources to support the client’s recovery.


    Experience: Previous outreach experience with populations with mental illness and/or substance abuse strongly preferred.

    Skills: Must possess a valid driver’s license. Bilingual strongly encouraged to apply. Please note bilingual ability on resume.

    Education: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or a related field.

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