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    Hotels and other on-premises Licensees are reminded of Governor Baker’s Covid-19 Order No. 52- Phase III, Step 2 Order Regulating Gatherings in the Commonwealth which set a limit of 25 people at indoor gatherings/events in a single enclosed space. The text of the Order may be found HERE.


    Licensees are reminded that:

    Until Phase IV commences, all Licensees licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages for on- premises consumption must provide seated food service with the sale of alcohol. The food must be prepared on-site and under a retail food permit issued by a local licensing authority pursuant to 105 CMR 590.00.
    In all municipalities, Licensees holding indoor events/gatherings are limited to 25 people in a single enclosed space. Licensee employees working at an indoor event do not count towards the capacity limitations.
    In addition to the capacity restriction specified above, all participants of indoor events/gatherings at licensed premises must maintain 6 feet of physical distance from every other participant in the gathering except where individuals are members of the same household. An indoor event/gathering violates the Governor’s Covid-19 Order No. 52, no matter the number of participants present if conditions or activities at the gathering are such that it is not reasonably possible for participants to maintain six feet of separation.
    Self-serve, unattended buffets are prohibited. Buffets may only be used if an employee wearing a mask serves the food from the buffet to a patron wearing a mask. Patrons must be wearing a mask/face covering when approaching the buffet.

    Licensees must remain in compliance with all applicable Sector Specific Workplace Safety Standards, including but not limited to those for Restaurants.

    As always, all licensees must ensure that they comply with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and that sales of alcoholic beverages take place only as authorized by federal, state, and local law.


    All questions concerning entertainment should be directed to your local licensing authority. Any questions pertaining to public health should be directed to your local health department or the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS). All other questions should be directed to ABCC Executive Director Ralph Sacramone at rsacramone@tre.state.ma.us or (617) 727-3040 ext. 731.


    (Issued October 13, 2020)