• Jean Brooks Landscapes featured in Boston Home Magazine's ''Faces of Women in Design''

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    May 22, 2019

    Jean E. Brooks

    Jean Brooks Landscapes
    Chelsea | 617-354-0643 | jeanbrookslandscapes.com

    Founded in 1990, Jean Brooks Landscapes is in its 29th year of business. Focused on the design, construction, and maintenance of residential gardens, founder Jean Brooks is committed to designing gardens with the utmost attention to quality and detail. “We spend so much time inside, it is important for me to draw people outside into nature. I want to create beautiful outdoor rooms for people to live in,” Brooks says. “When I started my business, I quickly learned that it wasn’t enough to design a beautiful garden. I also needed to build it, so I started my own construction company. Maintenance is the key to a long-term successful garden, so we do that too.”

    After spending 10 years working in antiques and fine art, Brooks brought her training to garden design. Studying color, texture, composition, and balance in painting and decorative arts has played a big part in developing her design eye. As for her knowledge of plants, she credits her father. “My father had what we like to call a ‘green thumb,’” says Brooks. “I have seen it over the years in other gardeners, and it is a very special quality of bonding between living, growing things. I strive to bring that special alchemy to every garden we create.”

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